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The Resources For Success

The Resources For Success

You’ll Grow Quickly With Our Resources And Support

A key element in the success of any franchise is the support you receive from your franchisor. With over 40 years of experience in the Real Estate business, Metro Brokers has learned exactly what services are critical to making your franchise work effectively. We’ve designed a suite of services to give you the tools you will need to succeed. Our offerings will help you:

As a franchisor dedicated to your success, we are the perfect fit for:
  • Get to market quickly and start making money
  • Engage the people and systems to build a powerful team
  • Leverage our experience for working profitably spend far less time on operational details
  • Put your focus squarely on building your business

For those services not included with your initial set-up, our unique fee structure and negotiated corporate rates make your costs highly competitive and economical. Plus, our structure gives you the added advantage of knowing what your fixed costs will be, rather than basing costs on percentages of sales.

Built-in revenue opportunities

Many of our franchise offerings are designed to give you the opportunity to make them available, at a reasonable mark-up, to your Independent Broker and Broker Associates. It’s an excellent value for them, and an additional way to build more revenue for your franchise.

Because we know how important they are to your success, many of our offerings are required of franchisees. Others are not required but highly recommended. All are the product of our dedication to making your franchisethe successful business you’ve dreamed of owning.


New Broker/Associate Recruiting System*

Provided in partnership with Realty Connection & Broker Metrics. Find and bring in the best people. This management software allows you to identify, research and maintain communications with the prospective associates and independent brokers best suited to your franchise. You can set parameters to find the professionals who would most benefit your system and who would like to become affiliated with your brand.

Franchise Office Management System*

Provided by Lone Wolf, one of the country’s largest providers of real estate software systems. The Broker Wolf product provides you with the back office tools you need. Simplify your life with turnkey accounting/management software developed specifically for the real estate market. Track and manage all office financial activity, accounts payable/receivable, commission accounting, staff payroll and much more.

Transaction Management*

Provided by CTMe. CTMe-One is an integrated transaction management software system that seamlessly manages the entire customer process. Save huge amounts of time with real-time, interactive digital contracts. Set open or controlled access for all parties, including broker management. Complete document management with individual, secure, dedicated cloud-based storage options for each user to meet any audit requirements.

Recruitment Marketing Support*

Provided by MBI Corporate/Thrive 4 Communications. Highly targeted marketing for your specific office, to recruit new associates for your franchise and build consumer awareness of your Office brand. This integrated marketing support increases interest in your properties and your brokers. Includes marketing plans as well as digital and traditional advertising and marketing communication.

Office Space Tenant Representation

Provided by Shames/Makovsky. Required unless franchisee is Commercial Specialist. Find the ideal location and the best lease arrangement with professional office lease negotiation at no cost to you.

Online Continuing Education Training*

Provided by the CE Shop. Greater convenience and savings. Your professionally required continuing education is delivered online at our corporate negotiated rate.

Franchisee Success Training

Provided by MBI Corporate. Take advantage of our experience. In over 30 hours of seminars, you’ll learn what we’ve learned in over 40 years in real estate. You’ll share our insights for building referrals, selling and closing. You’ll also be thoroughly trained in all of our systems, including broker recruiting, transaction management and office management.

Consumer Marketing

Provided by MBI Corporate. Your contribution to the Advertising Fund helps continually generate Metro Broker name awareness, builds lead generation and develops marketing materials you can customize for your franchise.

* Eligible for revenue opportunity with Franchisee mark-up to associates



Sales Training/Education

Provided by Buffini & Co. It’s all about relationships. Master a proven, structured system for generating leads, building repeat clientele, increasing sales and growing your business.

MS Office Software*

Microsoft 365. Benefit from MBI volume purchasing power to economically meet your office software needs. Includes design, setup, installation and 24/7 technology support. Company-wide messaging, telephone, communication and e-mail are part of this package.

IT/Imaging Infrastructure & Support*

Provided by Lewan & Assoc. Find flexible cost options at negotiated prices for copiers, printers and other necessary office equipment. Includes design, setup, installation and 24/7 technology support for both provided and BYOD users.

Office Programming & Design

Proposed provider is Arcturus Studios. Create an office that is appealing, efficient and productive. Professional space planning and architectural design. Flexible design options at fixed corporate prices.

Office Furnishing & Design

Provided by Herman Miller. Project the right image with a choice of furnishing packages based on office size and broker count. MBI corporate rate includes design, setup, installation and maintenance.

Eligible for revenue opportunity with Franchisee mark-up to associates



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