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A Franchise With Unique Business Benefits

A Franchise With Unique Business Benefits

A Powerful Earnings Model Unique In The Real Estate World

You did the work. You keep the money. Our unique corporate franchise model allows you to retain 100% of your commission. Our fee-based structure for services and royalties rewards your dedication as no other system can. Compare the numbers and you’ll see your bottom line looks far better as a Metro Brokers franchisee.

Profit From Multiple Sources Of Revenue

Pursue Every Real Estate Opportunity

As a Metro Brokers franchise owner, you can generate income in a variety of ways. First, our unusual flexibility lets you pursue every real estate opportunity to utilize your personal strengths and interests. That can include residential, retail, commercial and even property management opportunities to optimize your income and success.

Create Separate Revenue Streams

Second, with a business of multiple associates, you can create separate revenue streams from a percentage of associate commissions, as well as offering our software and business management programs as an added value. Our negotiated corporate prices make them an excellent value for your associates and officemates while providing an additional source of revenue for you.


You’ll be part of a successful, respected and growing brand.

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