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Advantages of Franchise Ownership

Advantages of Franchise Ownership

Follow Your Passion To Build Value For Your Future

As a Metro Brokers franchisee, you’ll not only help your clients achieve their real estate dreams, you’ll also make your own business dreams a reality. Feel the satisfaction of owning your own business. Get inspired by our enthusiastic support. Enjoy the enhanced income your hard work deserves.

As a franchisor dedicated to your success, we are the perfect fit for:
  • The experienced real estate professional who wants to earn more and build long-term assets
  • The entrepreneur looking for a low cost of entry into their own growing business
  • The real estate team who are ready to keep more of their income by becoming their own brokerage.
  • The investor who wants simple access, lower overhead and a quicker return.

The reasons to become a Metro Brokers franchisee add up quickly

Build A Legacy Of Long Term Value

Whether it's passing your business on to succeeding generations, or building assets that will grow in addition to your day-to-day earnings, your hard work should help you meet the larger goals that matter most.

Metro Brokers is dedicated to helping you build a solid, sustainable franchise. You’ll soon have a business worth far more than a “book of business”. You’ll have multiple sources of revenue, and equity that grows over time. When it is time to sell, or continue a thriving family business, our franchisees are confident in what the future will bring.

Easy Entry Into Your Own Business

Few franchises anywhere are as easy or economical to get into as Metro Brokers. It does not require a major investment in buildings, equipment or staffing. Our initial franchising fee is highly competitive, compared to other businesses and particularly other real estate franchises.

With your initiative and the comprehensive package of corporate support and direction we provide, you can have your franchise operational in as little as 90 days.


More ways to build your business and your revenue.

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